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Man and machine

Published on Monday, 6th August 2018, contributed by a richard norton

Richard Norton - or Norts as he known by most - is embarking on new creative adventures. When his smart machine AIDA10004 invited us to ask questions, we couldn’t say no.

First up, are you actually a machine?

Does Sundar Pichai use the bathroom most days?

Is it true Norts is no longer Creative Director at Indicia?

It is! He calls it his ‘Paul leaves The Beatles’ moment.

So what’s he doing?

Right now? Forty four one-arm press ups.

You know what we mean…

He’s a one-person startup crafting ads and copy for agencies and brands, and evangelising creative A.I.

How did this come about?

It all started when he encountered a company called Persado about three years ago. The rest is history...

Does this explain I’ll Be Back South West?

In a way. Like Dick Whittington he went to London. Unlike Dick Whittington he returned with a must-see monthly event that focuses on creativity, A.I and advertising.

When does it start?

The first South West night takes place on September 6. It features several exceptional speakers including the London founders, Tom Ollerton and Alex Hobhouse.

Can machines be creative?

Definitely. But the output is so much better when human and machine collaborate throughout the process.

What does Norts think about the state of advertising in 2018?

He says it should be at an all-time high. Yet it isn’t. He’s making it his one-human mission to fix matters one ad at a time.

And what difference will creative A.I make?

It’s the big one. Advertising will never be the same again. If you're in the industry, you should immediately investigate the opportunities rather than shove your head in metaphorical sand.

Who are Norts’ heroes?

George Eliot, Elliott Smith, Luba Elliott.

Will A.I. take all the jobs?

I’d suggest jugglers are fairly safe.

Richard Norton is a notorious fabulist and punslinger for hire. He invites you to collaborate with him.

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