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Designing for mobile web users

Published on Thursday, 26th July 2018, contributed by Natural Interaction Ltd

An insight into designing for mobile users from Natural Interaction MD and UXer Adam Babajee-Pycroft.

I often reflect on the first time I designed a mobile website. This was to be a dedicated website for mobile users, Responsive Web Design was merely a twinkle in Ethan Marcotte’s eye at that time. Reminiscing about those days, I often shudder at the assumptions we made about how people would use the website.

Esteemed Reader, I want you to ponder the answer to the following simple questions:

1) How are you reading this? 

2) Why are you reading this? 

I suspect, the answer to the first question is “on mobile”. According to 2014 figures, released by the UK Office of National Statistics, 53% of the UK population use the mobile web every day (vs 76% in total). 55% of British people use the internet to read news and articles. There’s a decent chance I’m wrong in that assumption as the target audience for this article may not be representative of the UK. It could be that a larger percentage of you are on mobile due to being more engaged with technology. Conversely, you may be on a desktop computer, reading this whilst procrastinating. If that’s the case, you’ve come this far so you may as well finish the article.

Those of you who are reading this on a mobile device, think about the answer to the second question. I doubt that the answer is “running for the bus”. That assumption around a user’s context is still prevalent in 2015.

People who visit your website on mobile, probably aren’t “running for the bus”.


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