image for Looking for great B2B UX design? Doesn't exist. Try this instead

Looking for great B2B UX design? Doesn't exist. Try this instead

Published on Thursday, 5th July 2018, contributed by Natural Interaction Ltd

Looking for great B2B UX design? Doesn’t exist. Try this instead.

Too many businesses are convinced that when they’re designing business-facing services they can follow a whole other set of rules to consumer-facing design. In fact, there’s a prevailing feeling out there that if you’re designing for business customers, you don’t really need to worry about usability, customer journeys and user satisfaction at all. But the truth is, good business-to-business user experience design doesn’t exist. Business users want to do the same things that consumer users do (because they’re consumers too!) and your design is stopping them. And that’s losing you business. So it’s time to forget B2C or B2B and start thinking human-to-human UX.

Why do people make such a mess of B2B?

Tradition and company culture is partly to blame here. Business-facing divisions of companies are used to rubbing along on a personal relationship basis, usually on a less industrial scale to customer-facing divisions. In the past, a Rolodex, a phone and a hefty expenses account might have been all you needed to manage those relationships, but times have changed. Online has fundamentally shifted the way businesses interact, making relationships agiler and less personal; but there’s still a hangover from the old days, a reluctance to encourage clients to self-serve. Other culprits behind the shocking state of B2B UX design are the small budgets B2B teams often have to work with and the complacency brought about by a niche or captive audience. There’s also a perception that B2B is “too complicated” to do online, especially if there’s extra paperwork, authorisations or regulations to adhere to.

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