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An Argument for Feature Minimalism

Published on Thursday, 28th June 2018, contributed by Natural Interaction Ltd

The early days of developing a new product or service are exciting. Passion is high; everyone is on board; meetings are buzzing; concepts are thrown around; excitement builds. Founders often see limitless potential for their idea.

Many co-founders will have been told the importance of doing some kind of market research. In order to validate their vision, some may talk to potential customers about the new idea. This might confirm their belief that their product will be a huge success, or it can have them bouncing off the walls with new ideas for alternative uses. “What if we expanded it …” … “This could be used to…” … “We could also sell it to …”

But adding functionality to software based on this kind of research is risky; after all, confronted with a passionate founder, the average person is unlikely to shoot their dreams down in flames.

This early excitement during development is an important part of the creative process behind a killer concept, but it’s crucial that you maintain the focus of the product; and here’s why...

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