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Why your ecommerce redesign is never finished

Published on Monday, 25th June 2018, contributed by Natural Interaction Ltd

When Team Sky launched as the British professional cycling team in 2010 it had a big goal; for a British rider to win the Tour de France within 5 years. It seemed a distant dream; no Brit had ever won before. But coach Dave Brailsford had a new approach, a theory he called the ‘aggregation of marginal gains’.

Brailsford was convinced that instead of attempting a major revolution in how the team trained, the key to success was making tiny, marginal improvements in multiple areas, which would add up to a seismic shift in their fortunes. Every aspect of training, from nutrition and saddles to pillows and massage gels were assessed to see if improvements of just 1% could be made in performance.

Team Sky didn’t win the Tour de France in five years, as Brailsford had predicted. They won it in three.

The theory of marginal gains will sound familiar to anyone working with website optimisation. Tweak a button colour here, change a call to action there, make tiny improvements to a website, and your conversion numbers improve. But are you harnessing the full power of marginal aggregation? Could your approach be more systematic, more effective? Here are some ideas on how to bring about a Team Sky-style revolution on your e-commerce site. Why big site redesigns aren’t enough

Large-scale e-commerce revamps generally get results. If you base your redesign on solid user-centred research and design, your conversion rates will usually increase.

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