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A connected economy - 'the art of the possible'

Published on Wednesday, 13th June 2018, contributed by Nationwide Building Society

Trivia time. Who launched the first internet bank in 1997, a technological advancement which changed the face of personal finance?

The answer is Nationwide Building Society; over 20 years on, consumers are now using a vast array of channels to service their banking needs.

With smartphone technology heading towards 5G connectivity, AI capabilities, machine-learning chips and increased processing horsepower, not to mention the ‘rise and rise’ of the Internet of Things, the digital landscape is changing, and changing fast.

But leaders don’t stop, or keep pace.

Nationwide continues to be at the forefront of this digital innovation, imagining the art of the possible. Continuing to deliver legendary service is what inspires us, by developing the next generation technologies across our mobile and internet banking, branch and ATM applications.

Thanks to new app features, such as face ID and MoneyWatch, which provides personalised insights to our members to help them manage their current accounts, the number of 'appy' members using our awesome Banking app just keeps on growing…so much so that we've just hit the 2 million milestone mark…

Great minds think alike

Spread across Swindon (home to Nationwide HQ), London and Bristol our team of design, technology and delivery experts work and collaborate on our most complex digital challenges.

And the purpose? To design, implement and run a set of Digital Products that excite and engage our members, and make it easier and more efficient for colleagues to serve them.

Challenge accepted?

As new technology continues to lay a path for the convergence of physical and digital banking solutions, we need to make sure we continue to meet our members’ expectations. For that to happen we’re looking for great minds to join the ones we have within our Experience Design team.

To find out more about these exciting opportunities within our Nationwide studio, click here