image for Greggs teaches a lesson in changing brand percepti

Greggs teaches a lesson in changing brand percepti

Published on Tuesday, 12th June 2018, contributed by OggaDoon

It’s always exciting when two of our favourite things combine to make something wonderful – in this instance, it’s guerrilla marketing and food, but from an unlikely source.

Budget bakers Greggs took to a gourmet food festival in London to present their new summer range of salads, pasta, and wraps under the moniker ‘Gregory + Gregory,’ fooling unsuspecting foodies into complimenting the dishes, which they believed to be from a new hipster kitchen.

In the video, Greggs capture the reactions of customers when they learn the food they’re enjoying is actually from a high street chain. Some are visibly impressed, and admit their love of Greggs, whilst others put real effort into hiding their astonishment. It’s a genius snapshot of brand perceptions.

Image is everything, and whilst Greggs has a loyal fanbase that loves its quick and easy lunchtime offerings, this campaign just goes to show that there are always new markets to reach. You may always be judged by your latest work (remember sausage roll Jesus?), but that doesn’t mean you can’t break out of that box, and surprise people again and again.

We love the commitment to changing the perceptions of even the most serious foodies, and the confidence Greggs clearly has in its own a brand and products… And we’re intrigued to try out their new menu.

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