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The other world leader with small hands

Published on Monday, 4th June 2018, contributed by Graham Hall / The Insight Edge

It's always nice to get unsolicited praise:

"603 Copywriting@603Copywriting - Brilliant ad from the back cover of last week's New Statesman. Humour and topicality that really speaks to the target audience. I love it."

It's exciting what you can do when you work with a smart copywriter Jim O'Connor, a sharp media agency Mostly Media and a brave client Christopher Ward London Limited

Of course, these ads are just the end product of a lot of hard work. I started working with Christopher Ward two years ago, understanding the luxury watch market, identifying the opportunity for Christopher Ward, uncovering a number of key insights around the audience and brand, and working with the client to translate that into a long-term strategy and communication plan. Then briefing the various agencies, mapping out the media plan and developing the creative work with the copywriter and art directors. All the while partnering with an ambitious and innovative client every step of the way.

Good work takes time but is perhaps not as expensive as you think when you do it right. The big bucks are spent on the media, so it pays to get the message right first.