image for Cadbury The out-of-the-ordinary Lift

Cadbury The out-of-the-ordinary Lift

Published on Wednesday, 21st March 2018, contributed by We Are Inspired

To launch Cadbury’s new Break Bar, Cadbury’s wanted to create an idea to allow people to take a break from the norm and experience an ordinary situation in a fun and extraordinary way. Working with Time Out and Cadbury’s media agency Inspired created The out-of-the-ordinary lift at Westfield Stratford.

People could either choose to ride the stunning Cadbury lift, where they could move melted chocolate through a wall of pipes, crunch a giant biscuit, or release the aroma’s of chocolate into the lift, before receiving a sample of the new Break Bar from the Cadbury’s lift concierge. Or, alternatively take a ride in the rather dull ordinary lift. Needless to say everyone at Westfield wanted to ride with Cadbury and experience the excitement and thrills of the out-of-the-ordinary!

The experiential activation generated a huge amount of fun and theatre across the day and the 12 strong promotional team where able to give away 50,000 Break Bars during the promotion.

To add further to the out-of-the-ordinary the Cadbury experiential activation was one of the first to be created using 3D printing. Our production studio’s new 3D printing technology being the only way to create the unique parts required for the stand in the production time available…experiential production that was truly Inspired.