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Developing Employee Engagement - without throwing money at it

Published on Friday, 16th March 2018

This is a Bristol Media People Forum event, with our special guest speaker, Peter Wakefield.

This presentation will take place at the SS Great Britain on Tuesday 17th April 2018, from 6pm to 8pm.

Peter has over twenty years’ expertise in the measurement, education and linkage between employee engagement and business performance and the leadership and management behaviour that drives it. He’s managed award-winning employee engagement programmes across Europe and now runs employee engagement consultancy Loving Monday.

He now uses his insight and experience to support individuals and organisations to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to take the ’employee’ out and put the ‘person’ back in. Helping them to understand that to truly engage others our focus should be on ‘being’ engaging and not simply ‘doing’ engagement.

About the session:

During the session Peter will give his perspective on employee engagement in 2018, why it’s now more important than ever and that in order to develop it, we need to stop throwing money at it. Instead he’ll cover why we should focus on building relationships, developing trust and encouraging conversation.

He’ll also introduce us to ‘VoicePrint’ a personal profiling tool that Loving Monday use to develop awareness, insight and communication skills in managers and leaders. He’ll show how VoicePrint helps them to understand how the ‘voice’ they use affects their ability to engage others and how this then translates to both individual and organisational performance.

The venue:

This event will be held at Bristol's world famous SS Great Britain. There's a car park close by and you can also take the ferry across the harbour water. For full details of how to get to the venue please visit SS Great Britain

For further information:

Please contact Richard Roberts at en:Rich HR - / 07941 201916

Entry Cost: £11.37.  Booking is via Eventbrite

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from an internationally known specialist in the field of employee engagement.