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Realise Design invest in young engineering talent

Published on Monday, 12th March 2018, contributed by Realise Product Design Ltd

As part of our local outreach programme, Realise Product Design has officially partnered with The University of Bristol’s Mechanical engineering society.

Bristol MechSoc brings young engineering talent together through educational talks, interesting workshops and specific industry events, which Realise Product Design are now proud to be a part of.

Realise pride ourselves on our distinctly technical offering and our aim in this partnership is to help young, developing thinkers understand the close relationship between product design and engineering. We aim to open minds to the many career opportunities within the design industry that offer an output for the more creative end of engineering.

With industries and markets changing so rapidly, it is important to invest in understanding at the early stages of development, and this applies as much to designing products as it does to designing your own career path.

Our partnership will help to share our experience of various industries and enable young people to engage in real-world agency life. We hope to put to good use the ideas and fresh perspectives that student minds will bring to the table to develop our own context and understanding on where we see the future progressing.

“Our partnership with MechSoc Bristol offers a valuable opportunity for us to invest in growing local talent and generally raising awareness in the value of design through all sectors of business” - Sean Byrne, Head of New Developments at Realise Product Design