image for Mokoko Coffee packaging

Mokoko Coffee packaging

Published on Thursday, 1st March 2018, contributed by Flipside studio

Mokoko is a independent coffee shop and bakery based in Bath and Bristol, they currently have 3 shops, one in Bristol with a in house kitchen and 2 in Bath. With growing success and recognition of the brand locally, Mokoko have chosen to move into the coffee roasting market and develop their own distinctive Mokoko coffee brand, for both B2C and B2B.

In developing concepts for Mokokos Coffee packaging Flipside drew inspiration from the the country of origin with specific reference to folk art, street art and fashion. We felt that a lot of the packaging in the independent market particularly is quite similar, prodominaetly brown craft bags, Flipside wanted to celebrate the visual richness and flavour of the country, with colourful surface design and illustrations, which both stood alone and worked as a set.

The labels work on both 250g and 1kg bags, the complete range will be around 17 countries and are available in the Mokoko coffee shops, coming to a online store soon.