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True Launches a Digital Marketing University

Published on Wednesday, 28th February 2018, contributed by True Digital

Independent Bristol based digital marketing agency True has launched Truniversity, to make learning and development an intrinsic part of being at the agency and encourage everyone in the team to grow their digital skills and knowledge.

Truniversity taps into a raft of professional development resources including training courses, mentoring qualifications and events provided by True’s IPA membership.

True has also committed to running bespoke specialist, skill based learning all supported by workshops, seminars, tutorials and lectures run by True experts, partners and invited guests. So far, these have covered new possibilities in social media, secrets of persuasive writing, advanced presentation skills, VR, Proximity Marketing, the fundamentals of UX and mastering SEO.

  • Truniversity has its own brand and wise monkey icon, along with a tongue in cheek motto – Laughicus Learniam (I am laughing because I am learning).
  • This captures the principle behind Truniversity  - to help everyone be better at what they do and have fun at the same time.
  • The academic year follows a 3 term structure, with a curriculum that supports the agency’s strategic plan for growth, and plenty of holidays.
  • Truniversity was launched with a jam packed Fresher’s week of learning and laughter. This included whole team sessions every morning, elective sessions every lunchtime and fun or craft sessions every evening. Weekly highlights of the Truni timetable  include Ted Talks Tuesdays, Lunch and Learn Thursdays, and all-agency thinking sessions to support key account plans.  
  • In Term 1, 5 people have achieved new qualifications with the  IPA’s Commercial Certificate and Legal Regulations course. Stephen O’Nion, Project Manager, achieved 92% in the Commercial Certificate, the highest score to date.

“Investment in talent drives business success. With Truniversity, True is providing clear evidence that CPD is not merely an add-on to operations but right at the heart of their business, fuelling commercial success,” says Patrick Mills, Director of Professional Development at the IPA.

“Learning and development is an intrinsic part of being at True. Our success is built on our ability to attract, support and develop excellent people. Truni is one of the best things we have ever done. It creates wonderful shared experiences,  stretches people beyond their comfort zones, and is already contributing to client and new business success: commented Tim Jones, MD, True.

Interested in working for True or doing a talk at one of the Truni lectures? Visit to get in touch.