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Five questions with Lucy Adams

Published on Tuesday, 6th February 2018

The second event in our Vision Keynote series welcomes Lucy Adams, Former HR Director at the BBC and now author of the bestseller “HR Disrupted”. Lucy’s provocative talk promises to question the way we attract, manage and engage our people and outline an alternative approach to HR. We spoke to Lucy to hear more…

What can attendees at ‘HR in a disruptive world’ expect from the event?

You can expect to hear about the latest trends and thinking in HR and to learn how HR can change our approach to make it fit for a disrupted world.

What do you hope attendees will take away from the event?

Practical ideas to take back to your company - including new approaches to performance and talent management.

Your company is called The Disruptive HR Agency – why do you believe HR needs to be disrupted?

I have held senior HR roles in a variety of companies - most recently the BBC - I got frustrated with my own profession and the traditional ways of doing things - I could see that they weren't helping equip my leaders and employees with the demands of a fast-moving world. I believed that it was time to do things differently - very differently - and I set up Disruptive HR to help them do just that.

How should organisations be embracing the idea of disrupting HR?

It starts with re-thinking our role - are we the compliance police? Are we the willing helpers? Or are we about creating the conditions where our people can be more collaborative, more innovative, more agile, more productive?

I think it's the latter obviously! And I will share a number of ways we can change - not just our mindset - but also the way we lead and manage change in HR.

If you could only offer people one piece of advice about their approach to HR, what would it be and why?

It's always hard to think of one thing! I would suggest that we can't keep saying the world around us has changed, but keep delivering HR in the same way. Be creative, be brave - and base your approach on understanding how human beings actually behave rather than process. That's actually three things... sorry.

HR in a disruptive world is taking place at OVO on Thursday 8th February 2018, 6pm to 8pm.