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Five questions with Steve Radcliffe

Published on Friday, 26th January 2018

Five questions with… Steve Radcliffe

Steve Radcliffe is one of Europe's top leadership experts and author of the bestselling book, Leadership Plain and Simple. Steve is kicking off our new series of monthly Vision events with a sold out workshop on Tuesday 30th January called Great Leadership - Plain and Simple. We caught up with Steve ahead of the event to find out what he has planned.

1. What can attendees at ‘Great Leadership – Plain and Simple’ for Bristol Media expect from the event?

A lively, thought-provoking session in which people will be able to stop the rush and think about themselves and how they could make a bigger difference somewhere at work or at home.

2. Who should come to the event? Do you already need to be in a leadership role to take part?

The event is for anyone who wants to explore how they can make a bigger difference, regardless of their role or title.

3. What do you hope attendees will take away from the event?

Maybe a new way of looking at themselves, what they do at work and why, and some ideas about how they can build their ‘Leadership Muscles’.

4. For over four years your book, Leadership Plain and Simple, has been the number one title out of more than 80,000 offered by Amazon in a search for 'leadership'. Why do you think it continues to be popular and resonate with people?

The feedback is consistent in telling us that people are so grateful that we have taken this topic of leadership, which is often made way too complicated, and made it simple for anyone to grasp and do something about it.

5. If you could only offer people one piece of advice about good leadership, what would it be and why?

My one piece of advice is ‘be up to something’. I will tell you what this means next Tuesday!

Great Leadership - Plain and Simple is taking place from 2-4.30pm on Tuesday 30th January 2018 at Zone, Bristol.