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There's snow place like Home

Published on Wednesday, 13th December 2017, contributed by Home

Internal comms agency announces partnership with the world’s largest global toy distributor.

Bristol based internal comms and employee experience agency, Home, has announced a brand new partnership with global toy distributor North Pole Inc.

North Pole Inc. came to Home to raise morale in the workshop. Santa Claus, Director of Production and Delivery, said colleagues felt overworked and underappreciated. Spirits were not bright. 

Home flew to Lapland and immersed themselves in workshop life. Through a series of strategic ideas and tactical activations, they sought to make employees’ lives better. The result? A happy and thriving workforce that manifested itself in increased productivity and more toys than ever! 

Santa Claus said “We’ve been facing a lot of competition from increasingly digital shoppers and it’s affected the morale of our staff. Home reminded us why we’re special and how we can share that with the rest of the world.” 

Read the full case study here