image for Before you can engage employees, you must really understand them. SOLD OUT

Before you can engage employees, you must really understand them. SOLD OUT

Published on Friday, 8th December 2017

How to understand and engage employees, from a psychological point of view.

This is a joint event, run by the Bristol Media People Forum and Engage for Success.

Increasing numbers of businesses now view employee engagement as an important source of competitive advantage, in the quest for improved levels of business productivity.

Sometimes, such businesses limit their efforts to superficial solutions – a ping pong table for the office space perhaps?

Alternatively, they may take a more mechanistic approach – our employees would be more engaged, if only they would follow the process!

Our view is that to engage employees (who are also known as human beings, with hopes, fears, values and personality attributes) you need first to really understand them.

Understanding them means asking the right questions...

Based on well validated psychological theory, employees are most engaged when their work aligns well with their deeply rooted values/needs. What are these needs?

There are a small number of easily measurable factors that have been proven, in well replicated psychological research, to enable the formation of stronger engagement. What are they?

…and also asking those questions in the right way…

The vast majority of our behaviour is controlled by our non-conscious or, in other words, our auto-pilot system that we use to navigate through the complexities of everyday life.

As individuals, it is hard for us to consciously understand these important non-conscious attitudes.

You cannot access this non-conscious layer via conventional staff surveys. So, how can you?

What will you learn in this session?

In this interactive session we will explore:

  • The universal human values/needs that motivate employee behaviour.
  • How these values/needs interact with other measurable characteristics, such as personality attributes.
  • How you can measure these values/needs, at the non-conscious level.
  • How you can use this understanding, to support a wide range of HR activities, including recruitment, career development, employee engagement and employee retention.
  • What other factors have been proven to impact employee engagement.

About your speakers:

Dr Simon Moore, Chartered Psychologist, Innovationbubble

Simon is a chartered psychologist who specialises in engagement, emotion, employee experience, and decision making. He started in animal behaviour (dolphins and Apes) and now consults around human behaviour. Simon has over 20 years of commercial experience optimising organisations. Simon has also worked with the UK and USA Governments. He has led global projects in relation to employee engagement in a variety of sectors. He regularly speaks at international conferences on this subject.

Tim Dowling, Consultant, Innovationbubble

Tim has a psychology degree and deep experience, as a marketer, across a range of sectors. He has a strong track record of developing and launching new products, propositions and businesses. In so doing, he has learned how to generate powerful insights and how to leverage them, to develop differentiated strategy and effective action plans, involving both employees and customers.

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