image for Caroline smashes client expectations with digital campaign

Caroline smashes client expectations with digital campaign

Published on Tuesday, 7th November 2017, contributed by Caroline

October saw the launch of Caroline’s campaign with Macular Society to raise awareness of a condition called Charles Bonnet Syndrome.

Charles Bonnet Syndrome (named after the 18th Century Swiss scientist who first described the condition) is the experience of visual hallucination as a result of sight loss. A visual hallucination is the same experience as really seeing something, but the ‘something’ is not actually there. Visual hallucinations appear to exist in the real world rather than in the mind’s eye. They come and go unannounced and can last for just a few seconds or as long as a day or more.

While some people experience pleasant or non-threatening hallucinations it can be a terrifying experience for some and many people are worried to let people know about their experiences for fear of people thinking they are losing their mind.

Caroline’s brief was to get people talking.

The #TalkAboutCharlesBonnet campaign was designed to encourage people to speak up about their experiences of Charles Bonnet Syndrome, to assure people that they are not losing their mind and that they are not alone - at the same helping people around them understand the condition.

The campaign led with 4 real life stories which, working with Remco Merbis and Alan Birch, Caroline brought to life using photography and illustration – showing the out of the ordinary, juxtaposed against the ordinary.

The aim was to gather 20 more stories from people engaging with the campaign on social media, that Caroline would bring to life in the same way. There was a concern that people might not come forward and 20 new stories might be ambitious but the response to the campaign has been immense and the charity has received hundreds of stories from people affected by Charles Bonnet Syndrome, and their families.

The hashtag #talkaboutcharlesbonnet helped to fuel conversation and was also adopted by RNIB, Moorfields Hospital as well as being used to promote the official Charles Bonnet Syndrome awareness day on 16th November.

To find out more, please visit the Macular Society website.