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Six Agency: Taking the Sugar Smart Challenge

Published on Tuesday, 31st October 2017, contributed by Six

We’ve been working with Bristol Council and Jamie’s Food Revolution for the past year to help promote sugar awareness and transition Bristol into a ‘Sugar Smart’ city. As a company, we’ve already made some steps towards being Sugar Smart with a healthier outlook and changes here and there, but this month, our Account Director and keen marathon runner Sally went one step further, taking on the Sugar Smart challenge by adopting everything we’ve learnt into her day to day eating habits.

Let’s hand over to Sally and find out how it went!

Here’s a confession. The day I signed up to the Sugar Smart challenge to cut out bad sugars for a month, I had eaten a slice of cake, drank numerous cups of tea with sugar and eaten a handful of sweets. I was buzzing…

I’m ashamed to say this was a fairly typical day for me. Sugar is my Achilles heel. I eat chocolate most days and sometimes in the evening too. I have sugar in my tea and eat ready-made food and takeaways for convenience. This was going to be a big challenge.

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