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Six Agency: Trust Me, I'm an Account Manager!

Published on Tuesday, 24th October 2017, contributed by Six

Trust Me, I'm an account Manager!

Some thoughts on client relationships by Julian Barclay - Senior Group Account Director at Six. 

If unattributed statistics are to be believed, 98% of both clients and agencies believe that a trust-based partnership leads to better work. No surprises so far (although I am mildly curious as to what the other 2% believe), and it was reassuring to capture exactly that sentiment during our client services ‘away morning’ earlier this month.

We gathered our entire client services team and headed to Bakesmiths down the road for a morning of discussion and contemplation around what makes a great client relationship.

Actually, really good client relationships under the microscope shouldn’t unearth too much of the unexpected. Where the quality of basic human interaction has historically been the principal measure of success, there has been little room for anomalies.

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