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Want to earn more? Harness your intellectual assets

Published on Monday, 23rd October 2017

Most creative companies overlook how they could harness the revenue-earning potential of both their intellectual assets and IP, leaving too many on the ‘hamster on the wheel’ service model of revenue generation. Recognising this is a problem facing large and small companies, as well as freelancers, across the creative sector, Erica Wolfe-Murray of Lola has published an ebook to help address this issue.

Featuring simple breakdown notes and recent case studies, Cake: A Creative’s Guide to IP takes you through what you should know about both your intellectual assets and IP. 

With the former comprising of pretty much everything that has got you to where you are now, the Guide gives you easy-to-use models and diagrams to help you understand how they could springboard you to new ways of earning revenue.

With the IP section clearly focusing on the World Intellectual Property Office’s definition of IP in which the ‘creations of the mind’ should enable those who create them to ‘earn recognition or financial benefit from what they invent or create’ - Cake: A Creative’s Guide to IP firmly puts better use of IP on to the agenda of all agencies, designers and other innovators.

Having worked with 200+ creative companies in the last six years alone (and spoken at Bristol Vision), Erica is aware just how badly needed this guide is.  A recent talk at Google Campus saw her asking a room of 100+ start-ups how many thought they owned any copyright.  Even she was stunned when only 3 put up their hands*. 

Including guidance on how to approach contracts with freelancers and companies from an IP perspective, Cake: A Creative’s Guide to IP has also benefitted from the input of an international IP attorney.

‘I’m passionate about how creative companies can become more resilient and grow.  Better use of assets & IP is just such a smart way of doing this.  But everyone thinks IP is a headache.  It’s really not,’ she says, ‘and once you know this stuff, it will change how you approach every project, all your research, just everything.’

Available as a download from, Cake: A Creative’s Guide to IP.

(*In fact pretty much each and every company owns copyright as it is an automatic right… if you create something original which is tangible – you own it.)