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Great Expectations: a new series

Published on Thursday, 12th October 2017, contributed by Great State

Exploring industries that are failing to keep up with consumer expectations.

Consumers are expecting more and more from their interactions with media, businesses and other organisations across all industries. Disrupters and innovators are driving the change and businesses that don’t move fast enough to adapt to consumer demand will struggle to maintain market share.

In a new thought leadership series, e3 and our sister agency LSU are unpacking the industries that face a growing “expectations gap” – the difference between what consumers expect and what they’re traditionally served.

The first category we are investigating is football, with the launch of a deep dive report and live engagement events where brands and influencers can hear expert insights and share their ideas.

Football is live, social and global. It’s unscripted drama with a passionately loyal fanbase. But neither fans nor players are getting what they want, expect or deserve.

Football is rife with outmoded views. Traditional media is holding onto old models and a gender segregation that hasn’t moved with society. Some people in the industry believe that adding logos to kit, like the recent introduction of sleeve sponsors in the Premier League, is an example of innovation in brand partnerships: it isn’t. Fan and player expectations have shifted, but overall, the industry hasn’t.

Organisations that are embracing this shift are quickly gaining a wider audience and deeper engagement, with commercial rewards now starting to follow. As one of the contributors to Great Expectations: The Football Issue puts it:

“The world is changing. If you don’t change with it, you’ll be left behind.”

Robbie Lyle, ArsenalFanTV

In this exclusive report we reveal the changes that are happening in football, who’s already disrupting the game, and what new opportunities these changes open up for brands.

Over the next six weeks, we’ll be featuring a key facet of the beautiful game that is evolving and what this means for brands.

We’re kicking off next week with the subject of football media, which is no longer the stronghold of the few, but a platform for the many.

Download the full report here.