image for Coming together for Collaborate Bristol

Coming together for Collaborate Bristol

Published on Friday, 7th July 2017, contributed by Bray Leino

Collaborate Bristol was held this June at the Watershed, and is the main UX, design and IA conference in the South West. Eight of us from the BLY team went along to be informed and inspired.

The Collaborate Bristol event absolutely delivered, packed with insights from a range of fantastic speakers. And it’s always good to meet so many like-minded people. 

Customers will remember the experience

Andrea Picchi from Sony Mobile highlighted the fact that users will remember the experience of an interaction with your brand over the actual occurrence itself. If a user has a great, frictionless experience, they'll remember the ease with which they did what they wanted, and are more likely to remember your brand. 

Causing 'Banner Blindness'

Hany Rizk from Volkswagen spoke about the overwhelming amount of notifications we receive, and the instant gratification they can generate with an influx of dopamine. This gratification can cause dopamine ‘loops’, causing the initial buzz to lose its effectiveness.

This can cause huge issues in your app retention rates, so it's best to notify users when it's needed, rather than incessantly. 

Anne Cooper, Chief Nurse at NHS Digital, offered a similar perspective, as tech in medicine gets smarter and can alert the user: it's best to do this when it's needed. 

The point they both highlight is that too many alerts can cause users to become blind to them, whether by simply ignoring alerts (I am guilty of this on occasions) or ‘gaming’ alerts until they go away (also guilty). Here are two fantastic videos shown on the day that help drive home these points: 

The Panda is dancing
Man with the 'smart' devices

Just add legs and arms

Sam Michael from Monzo brought the Monzo Card to life by simply adding legs, arms and a face to create their mascot for the brand. 

It may sound like a simple thing to do, but humanising an inanimate object can help your audience connect further with your brand. The animated Monzo Card was so well received that the audience wanted to take a Sharpie to their cards and add a face to bring it to life. Speaking of which, I need to get googly eyes for mine…

Simplify your language

Jily Cross and Sarah Wishart highlighted how easy it is to get caught up in using corporate lingo and abbreviations. I admit, I’ve been guilty of reeling off sentences like 'SEO implementations to raise the CTRs for an overall ROI’, which can sound like nonsense to some audiences. 

A great rule is to use verbs that you can imagine in your head; so instead of saying ‘implement’, you might say ‘install’ or ‘build’. 

Of course, these are just some of the thoughts that came out of a superb event. Here’s to Collaborate 2018!