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£20,000 of Design and Development work for free

Published on Wednesday, 28th June 2017, contributed by Gravitywell

Digital agency Gravitywell is offering 1 week of their combined studio time to work on the best proposal from a client, for free. This year, instead of their usual ‘Hackathon’, they're requesting submissions for innovative client projects to complete in one intense week, starting 24th July 2017.

Do you have a project that needs a kickstart? Are you trying to find investment for a start-up business? Is your brilliant app idea still sitting on the back burner? Do you need a prototype or MVP to start gathering feedback from users? Are you an agency with a client project that needs more resource?

Gravitywell is a specialist design and development agency that focuses on start-ups and new technology for existing businesses. Based in Bristol, they have 16 years experience in producing apps, software, websites and creative work.

The winning proposal will:

  • Be something new and original

  • Include both software development and design/creative work

  • Be a reasonable goal which can be achieved in 5 days by the team working together. However, the 1 week goal can be part of a larger project.

Gravitywell are looking for UK based start ups, digital agencies, new clients and familiar faces (so current clients are welcome to submit too!)

If you would like to submit your proposal then please email details to by 12th July 2017. Please include as much detail as you can but keep it less than 500 words.