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Gravitywell's Tools for Food Start-up Pelico

Published on Wednesday, 31st May 2017, contributed by Gravitywell

Pelico, a new Bristol start-up that cooks and delivers tasty, fresh meals by bike, asked Gravitywell to help with the considerable challenges they face managing daily operations.

Their customers love the menu of fresh, high-quality meals, but also appreciate ordering ‘on-demand’ with super fast delivery. But as the business scales, managing the interaction of customers, kitchen team and delivery riders was becoming increasingly difficult. This is where Gravitywell’s experience with start-ups, UX and middleware could really make a difference.

Gravitywell visited the Pelico kitchen during busy periods to take notes and ask questions. It became quickly apparent that their goal of brilliant customer experience was putting a huge amount of strain on the team with the current system of whiteboards and sticky labels.

Gravitywell pulled a team together to design a solution that would quickly provide efficiency benefits, as well as a foundation for the future of the business: with anticipated features like delivery route-planning, new kitchen hubs, predictive ordering and reporting. However, with a tight time scale in mind, the proposed first phase was to create a set of customised Dashboards for the Kitchen, Ops manager and delivery riders.

With Pelico excited by the concept, Gravitywell spent 4 agile days designing, building and deploying a prototype of the new software. Leaning on various proven libraries, they were able to rapidly put together a system that meant the whiteboard was no longer needed and the process was a whole lot smoother! The chefs could now use a tablet to track orders and mark meals as ‘ready to go’ and the operations manager no longer needed to dash between work spaces to keep everyone in the loop. After a successful first live trial, both teams were delighted about what could be and had been achieved in just a few days.

You can find out more about the process and the technology used on the project on the Gravitywell website, and if you’d like to speak to Gravitywell about your business please get in touch for a meeting.

Plus, if up until now you’ve been without Pelico’s culinary delights, you will be wheel-y happy to hear that they are opening a new distribution centre in central Bristol in the imminent future - so get ordering!