image for Sift Digital demerges from Sift and becomes Edo

Sift Digital demerges from Sift and becomes Edo

Published on Wednesday, 17th May 2017

Sift was co-founded in 1996 by Ben Heald. It began as an online publisher and AccountingWEB is now the world’s largest community of accountants. In 2000, Sift Groups was founded to offer Sift’s community platform to external clients. Sift Groups grew, developing platforms and communities for a number of external clients. In 2012, Sift Groups rebranded to become Sift Digital.  At the start of 2016, Sift and Sift Digital went through a statutory demerger process to formally separate.

Today, to complete the process of becoming an independent business, Sift Digital is rebranding to Edo.

Edo has a strong heritage working with private and nonprofit clients including Tesco, Ofcom, Nesta and British Heart Foundation.  Edo believe there is huge opportunity for businesses to use technology to drive cultural change and the customer experience. They see an appetite amongst corporates and central government to apply the same brand of customer centred consultancy. The Edo proposition gives businesses the insight and tools to adapt to a fast-changing digitised society.

The consultancy, which has 42 employees who work across Bristol and London, is led by Managing Director Nick Torday, with Alex Barker heading up the User Experience team and Kieran McBride leading strategy and planning. Ben Heald remains as Chair of both Edo and Sift.

Edo and Sift Chairman, Ben Heald said: “Sift Digital demerged from the rest of Sift to better support its growth ambitions. Becoming Edo is the next stage of their evolution. Working with both organisations as Chair will enable me to ensure that despite being separate companies, we’ll continue to share, collaborate and learn from one another.”

Edo Managing Director, Nick Torday said: “This is an extremely exciting time for us as a company, as we reaffirm our customer-focused consultancy offer as Edo.

We will continue to work with clients as Edo to ensure that technology and culture are at the heart of transformation to create rewarding experiences based on the real needs of customers. Ultimately, we want to shape the future of organisations in order to drive measurable business impact.”

Edo’s clients have included: Alpha International, Amnesty International, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Forestry Commission, Institutional Investor, Microsoft, National Employment Savings Trust, Natural History Museum, Tesco, United Nations, VW Financial Services.