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Motivating your team: engagement = productivity

Published on Tuesday, 9th May 2017, contributed by FD Works

Your team is the biggest asset in your creative business. Without a skilled, dedicated and motivated group of people on board, you don’t really have an agency – so it’s critical that your team shares your vision for the business and truly loves their job.

And there’s the challenge: how do you keep your team motivated and firing on all cylinders as workloads get heavier and the business gets bigger?

Here are five ways our creative clients have found to keep engagement high and productivity levels really top notch.

1. Don’t micro-manage: step back

When your team feel trusted, they feel valued and tend to enjoy the responsibility you’ve placed in them. So, step back, delegate the workload and build your team’s confidence – let them take on more responsibility so you can focus on leading the business.

2. Involve the team in KPIs and reporting

As we talked about in our last post, performance management and key performance indicators (KPIs) are incredible drivers for an agency’s success – so share them with the whole team. Seeing the actuals and performance figures makes the team feel more inclusive and helps everyone to understand the health of the business.

3. Set the right performance and development goals

As your agency grows, so will the need for proper performance and development of your team. People need regular conversations about how they’re doing, where they’re knocking it out of the park – and where they need to pull their socks up!

4. Ask the team for their feedback

As the boss/MD/management team, it can be easy to lose perspective and to never find the time for self-evaluation. Setting up a mechanism for measuring team satisfaction can be enlightening. It democratises the feedback process and gives you a really clear overview of how engaged everyone is – and where there are issues that need sorting.

5. Offer great benefits that work for everyone

Giving your team the right benefits and incentives can go a long way to keeping them on board with the agency’s agenda.

Financial incentives can work for some, but bear in mind that not everyone will be convinced by dollar signs. For many creatives, non-bonus-driven incentives can work wonders for motivation: be creative and find out what your team would value.

Want to know more about keeping your agency team engaged?

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