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THE best digital awards in the South are...

Published on Monday, 8th May 2017, contributed by Wirehive

The sixth annual Wirehive 100 has been open for entry for two weeks and the entries are coming in thick and fast…

We started Wirehive 100 back in 2012 for two reasons. Firstly, because we felt that digital agencies in the South weren’t getting the recognition they deserved in national awards, which often seemed to be London biased. Secondly, it was because agencies can sometimes be a bit British about these things, and reluctant to put their work forward for acclaim.

For the first time in the history of the awards, the qualifying regions have been expanded to cover the whole of the South outside of London, including Bristol.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Wirehive 100, we have come up with seven indisputable reasons why you should be entering your work and winning awards:

1. Celebrating a job well done

First and foremost, it’s important for your own sanity and staff morale to take the time to celebrate hard work and a job well done. With the world moving at such a fast pace, it’s easy to move from project to project without taking stock. What better way than putting your work in front of a panel of industry movers and shakers?

2. Retaining talented staff

At the heart of any agency is the team working on the ground. Imagine the appreciation they will feel knowing that their hard work has been recognised, either as Agency Team of the year, or for a piece of work they have spent months working on. It is a priceless boost to moral.

3.Recruiting the best

As we’ve seen in The Wow Company’s 2017 agency benchmark report, 65% of agencies are planning on recruiting this year, on average increasing their headcount by 26%. Talent attracts talent, who wouldn’t want to work for the agency who not only houses the best talent but also recognises their achievements too.

4.Benchmarking against your peers

Benchmarking is important; it’s a great way of understanding how you stack up against the competition. What better way to do it than by entering your work into awards? If you’re getting shortlisted and picking up a few wins, you know you’re doing well. If a competitor is just pipping you to the post each time then it may be time to think about making some changes.

5.Improving your client’s profile

Your clients already know you’re great – that’s why they picked you, then again imagine how pleased they will be if their campaign is also winning awards at industry level? Being able to share in your glory, and tell colleagues and peers how the agency they chose won an award for their project, offers you a level of marketing money can’t buy. In previous years we have even had agency clients requesting copies of the awards and certificates to display in their own workplace.

6.Securing future opportunities

Winning awards open doors to new business, new projects and more. Just one example of this is the Wirehive 100 Agency Finder, created by Wirehive 100 winners Cyber Duck. This tool offers clients a simple way for a client to search for the perfect digital agency for their next project, on the site clients will find a list of the top 50 Wirehive 100 league table. There is opportunity to filter this list by expertise and agencies are listed with all Wirehive 100 wins and shortlists.

7.Mainly, because winning is awesome

Everyone loves the rush you get when you win anything, even if it’s just £10 on the Lottery. Imagine the feeling of being able to walk up on stage and collect an award for a project you’ve spent months working on, in front of 300 of your industry peers. If you can also bring some of the team along to let their hair down and share in the excitement of finding out how you’ve done, it’s money can’t buy recognition. Overall, it’s that sensation you get when you can legitimately say ‘we are the best’!

So now that we’ve convinced you, check out the categories available to enter now, and get your submissions in before 2nd June.

In addition, there is a free to enter League Table which ranks the top 100 agencies in the South outside of London by turnover and makes up the 50 agencies listed in the Wirehive 100 agency finder.

If you have any questions about the awards, or would like any guidance on which categories are best for you, contact our Awards Manager, Louisa, on

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