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Bath Science Publisher's Awards Attracts Thousands

Published on Thursday, 23rd March 2017, contributed by SelectScience

One of Bath’s fastest-growing businesses is helping to recognise global scientific achievements with the second major awards ceremony in as many months. SelectScience® announced the winners of the 2017 Scientists’ Choice Awards® ceremony during the Pittcon 2017 international conference and expo in Chicago, USA.

The coveted annual awards, which involved more than 4,000 scientists from around the world, recognise the laboratory products and manufacturers that have made the biggest difference to scientific progress over the past year, showcasing success in both technology and communication. Scientists from across the globe are invited to participate by nominating, voting and reviewing online.

The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio was at the heart of the awards. In the prestigious Video of the Year category, Prof. Francisco Radler from the Brazilian Doping Control Laboratory, with Thermo Fisher Scientific were the chosen winners for a video highlighting how state-of-the-art mass spectrometry is being used in the fight against doping in sport.

When it came to Article of the Year, it was Alexander Makarov, inventor of the Orbitrap mass spectrometer and Director of Global Research at Thermo Fisher Scientific who picked up the award. The article looked at how the Hong Kong Jockey Club, a world-class drug-testing facility, uses 24 state-of-the-art mass spectrometers to analyze thousands of samples to stay on the winning side in keeping horseracing clean.

For General Lab, Eppendorf won for its Centrifuge 5920 R, an ideal product for high-throughput applications. The Separations award went to Agilent Technologies for its liquid chromatograph the 1260 Infinity II LC system, and the Spectroscopy award went to Bruker Daltonics for the timsTOF™, an ion mobility separation device.

The packed awards party was given a Chicago flavour with jazz played by the Chicago Diamond Trio, while guests were treated to champagne and pizza as they heard about the best in the business.

SelectScience® Editor-in-Chief Kerry Parker said: “2016 was an incredible year in science, and the breadth of subjects these awards cover shows that there’s tremendous innovation in the fields of General Lab, Separations and Spectroscopy.”

“How scientists communicate better in the future is at the heart of these awards and together we can reach our goals in the industry of making the world a healthier place.”

Other awards announced on the night were the Reviewers’ Choice Awards. Picking up the Instrument of the Year was Wyatt Technology Corp. for its DAWN HELIOS II Multi-Angle Light Scattering Detector. The product is designed to provide the highest sensitivity and range of measurements for any MALS detector.

Finally, Company of the Year was awarded to Thermo Fisher Scientific and Customer Service of the Year was awarded to Eppendorf.

SelectScience® CEO Arif Butt added: “It’s fantastic to see so many science innovators celebrated at these awards that are gathering pace with every event we put on. I’d like to thank all those who played their parts by nominating and voting for this year’s winners and to congratulate each of the winners for accelerating research in their areas.”

The next awards ceremony will recognise the industry’s best in Life Science fields and takes place at AACR, Washington D.C., USA, April 1-5.

2017 Scientists’ Choice Awards Winners List:

·         Video of the Year: Prof. Francisco Radler / Thermo Fisher Scientific

·         Article of the Year: Alexander Makarov / Thermo Fisher Scientific

·         Best New Product of 2016 (General Lab): Eppendorf, Centrifuge 5920 R

·         Best New Product of 2016 (Separations): Agilent Technologies, 1260 Infinity II LC system

·         Best New Product of 2016 (Spectroscopy): Bruker Daltonics, timsTOF™

·         Reviewer’s Choice Award - Instrument of the Year: Wyatt Technology Corp., DAWN HELIOS II Multi-Angle Light Scattering Detector

·         Reviewer’s Choice Award - Company of the Year: Thermo Fisher Scientific

·         Reviewer’s Choice Award - Customer Service of the Year: Eppendorf

·         Webinar of the Year: Merck KGaA, Laboratory Safety "Safe Storage of Chemicals

·         Webinar Series of the Year: Agilent Technologies

·         Email of the Year: BINDER, Good Laboratory Practice

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Image caption: Scientists’ Choice Awards® winners and nominees celebrate at Pittcon 2017.

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