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AUK releases 'Charlie Carne Whistles Christmas'

Published on Tuesday, 13th December 2016, contributed by AgencyUK

Leading Bath based integrated marketing agency AgencyUK has diversified into music with the release of a triple CD collection of Christmas classics, all whistled from the crystalline lips of Account Manager Charlie Carne.

The promotional video for ‘Charlie Carne Whistles Christmas’ is a collaborative AgencyUK team effort. Conceived by Creative Director Zane Radcliffe, art directed by Jamie Bush, edited by Bryony Cozens, with voiceover work from Client Services Director Jon Dunbar, it features the tuneful talents of Charlie, in numerous festive costumes and locations across the beautiful city of Bath.

AgencyUK Managing Director and AUK Records’** Head of A&R Sammy Mansourpour said, “Everyone in the AgencyUK office is well acquainted with the wonders of Charlie’s whistling, as he merrily demonstrates his abilities by accompanying whatever’s playing on the office stereo. Seriously, he whistles all day every day.

“We felt that the rest of the world should be subjected, sorry treated, to his prodigious musicality. And what better way to do so than to follow in the great footsteps of David Hasselhoff or Kenny G in releasing a novelty Christmas CD album? The result is a ‘Whistling Wonderland’ of festive chirruping, and the ideal present for any relative this Christmas, especially the family dog and the hard of hearing.”

The promotional video for ‘Charlie Carne Whistles Christmas’ can be viewed at

* Not a real album

** Not a real company