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Hurricane slams shifty statistics in new animation

Published on Monday, 5th December 2016, contributed by Hurricane

Do you believe that one minute of video equals 1.8 million words? The power of video is undeniable, but is it really worth all that copy (more than double the complete works of Shakespeare) and how much insight does this give us?

Statistics like this about video have prompted Bristol video marketing agency Hurricane to create a new animation to call time on sharing shifty stats and replace them with reliable data in order to get to know their audience better and tell stronger stories.

Video marketing is really having its moment right now, achieving great results with well-targeted campaigns, and there are of course many good reasons to use video. But there seems to be a proliferation of dodgy stats across the internet trying to convince us.  

The quote about “one minute of video being worth 1.8 million words” is attributed to Dr McQuivey, Forrester Research and is only based on the popular saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. They’ve used the sum 30 frames-per-second x 1,000 x 60 to reach 1.8 million. Although often presented as scientific fact, this is clearly is not an accurate account of the power of video.

When writing articles and preparing for speaking slots about how brands can use video to tell their story, Hurricane MD, Jon Mowat, noticed that there was lots of dodgy data out there. Jon said:

“When I’m researching online for an article or preparing for a talk, I’m on the hunt for insightful, accurate stats that will add substance to the points I’m making about video marketing. Often after a bit of investigation, I find that the data is actually unsubstantiated, out-dated or leads me on a wild goose chase to find the origin and sample size.

“I confess I have drawn on the "one minute of video equals 1.8 million words" as a metaphor, but after seeing this point used again and again, almost as scientific truth, I questioned how much real value it added.

“Accurate data is of course vital for marketers, but as our latest video shows it's using it effectively to meet your goals, knowing your audience and tapping into their emotions with powerful stories that really count.”

Watch “Shifty statistics laid bare” now.  

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