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Get Real and Ditch Digital

Published on Monday, 10th October 2016, contributed by Noisy Little Monkey

James Caig, Head of Strategy at True Digital, urged brands to focus more of their energy on the “offline” experience of their marketing at Digital Gaggle last week.

Over 250 marketers flocked to listen to James speak at the fourth Digital Gaggle conference held at the Colston Hall on Wednesday 6th October.

The free digital marketing conference is hosted by Bristol based Digital Marketing Agency Noisy Little Monkey and sponsored by Bison Grid, t&S creative communications and Somerset Design.

The theme for the conference was User Experience (UX) and attendees were treated to a morning of insightful talks from James and four other local industry experts including: Jon Payne (Technical Director of Noisy Little Monkey), Léonie Watson (Senior Accessibility Engineer at The Paciello Group), Pat Wood (MD and Founder of and Adam Babjee-Pycroft (Managing Director of Natural Interaction).

James kicked off the conference with his talk about the growing importance of human experience in digital marketing. In an age where technology proliferates and our attention is easily distracted, James argued that businesses needed to place as much emphasis on their customer’s offline experience as they do their online UX.

To emphasise his point, James talked about the revival of vinyl and how sales of records continue to increase in an age where the likes of Spotify and Apple Music dominate. It seems that people are desperately seeking a return to the real and this, he claims, is why brands should stop creating experiences which alienate their customers and focus on creating rewarding interactions in their customer journey.

James’ talk was one of many which left attendees inspired to try a new approach to their marketing efforts. Sarah Bostock, Marketing Director of Bristol based marketing company TONIC, attended the Digital Gaggle conference for the first time and said:

“There was something for everyone - digital marketers, general marketers, and those far more technically minded than me! There was a great bunch of speakers who had delegates hooked with engaging, lively and content-rich sessions. 

Anyone specialising in digital, or needing to develop their knowledge and skills should definitely be at the next one. It's the perfect chance to soak up the knowledge from industry people who really know their stuff, hear from clients using their services with success, as well as to meet peers, share stories, expertise, opportunities and ideas."

The Digital Gaggle conference returns to the Colston Hall in March 2017. To be updated when tickets for the next event are released, just search for Digital Gaggle online and subscribe to the newsletter. If you can’t wait until next year, the team behind Digital Gaggle also host monthly meet-ups and are organising an event in November as part of Social Media Week in Bristol.

Taking place from 9am – 11am on Thursday 17th November, ‘Dude, Where’s My Traffic?’ will teach attendees how to accurately measure social media traffic from the likes of Facebook and Twitter using tools such as Google Analytics and Buffer. Tickets are under £20 and you can register online today.