Digital Agencies - Digital Projects : Legal considerations

Published on Monday, 24th October 2016

Last few places available.

This workshop delivered by Rebecca Steer of Preferred Supplier Steer & Co, is a must attend for Digital Agencies and developers who are involved in pitching for and delivering digital development projects.  It will cover the traditional development models of agile and waterfall from a legal and commercial perspective, and give helpful hints to ensure your pitch and associated contract negotiations are successful and minimise project risks.  It will also cover other legal considerations around using consultants and freelancers and open source software in your projects.

Who should attend?

Aimed at executives at Digital Agencies and individual developers who are involved in pitching for and delivering digital projects and who are responsible for the contractual aspects of projects.

The Workshop will cover:

  • Is the project agile or waterfall ? What are the legal and commercial characteristics of each? What are the risks of each model?
  • How does fixed price and T&M fit into each model?
  • How is OSS and third party software different to code you develop in house? Who owns it?
  • How to safely use open source tools and libraries and third party software materials;
  • Spotlight on some commonly used products (Shopify, GSON, Retrofit, Require JS, Wordpress);
  • How to manage use of OSS in house and within projects;
  • Use of third party images, code and materials;
  • What does all this mean for your client contracts and freelancer contracts?
  • Risk and Liability;
  • Horror and success stories. 

Where and When

The Workshop takes place on Thursday 3rd November from 4pm-6pm at Zone, The Brew House, Tower Hill Bristol BS2 0EQ

Price: £30+VAT for Bristol Media Members; £45+VAT for non-members. 

To book your place please email