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Fiasco Design Animated, Interactive Map of Rio

Published on Tuesday, 2nd August 2016, contributed by Fiasco Design

Fiasco Design have today launched a new studio project: an animated, interactive map of Rio de Janeiro ahead of this summer’s Olympic Games, which starts on Friday 5th August.

“The highly anticipated 31st Modern Olympics in Rio is underway, but aside from controversies surrounding safety, disease and Russian doping scandals, what else do you know about the Games and its host?”

Based on the success of their previous map for the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014, the new Rio 2016 map allows users to explore the games and delve into an interactive city, with a host of animated features and custom sound effects by Bristol-based Bunkersonix. Delve deeper into the map to find out about the controversies surrounding this summer’s Olympics, including a ‘Where’s Wally’ style hidden Guantanamo prisoner and hidden body parts scattered across the map in light of severed feet being found just metres away from the Olympic beach-volleyball pitch. 

With its focus on discovery and exploration, people can also learn about Rio and the games, and find out more about the people involved, even identifying a handful of athletes and famous faces in the process.

Ben Steers, Creative Director at Fiasco Design, said,

“Following all the controversies and negative press around the games, we wanted to design a map of Rio which users could interact with and explore to find out more information about the games. The aim was to create something that would be fun to use and didn’t take itself too seriously.”

Join the conversation, share the map and explore Rio 2016 at and #MapofRio on Twitter.