image for South West Planning Showcase

South West Planning Showcase

Published on Monday, 11th July 2016

Next week sees the first event proper of APG West, the new body supported by Bristol Media and focused on improving the planning and strategy skills of the creative businesses in the South West.

We first held a launch event back in April, where we sought the input of people who work in (or around) planning and strategy. Next, we played back everyone’s feedback at a breakfast session, where we also outlined the events that would be our priority for the rest of this year. 

The first of these happens on the evening of Tuesday 19th July, at Indicia’s offices in Queens Square, and aims to shine a light on the brilliant planning already coming out of agencies in the region. You’ll see a range of case studies, each from a different agency, highlighting the many techniques available to planners. We are rightly proud of the diversity of agencies here in the SW, so we thought we should all hear more about it. It’s an evening of celebration, learning, and a chance to recognise the positive contribution planning already makes to our clients’ business.

Details of the showcase and booking are available here. You can keep up to date with future APG West events here