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Post Brexit: Keep calm and carry on

Published on Wednesday, 29th June 2016, contributed by OggaDoon

Caroline McDonald, founder of PR and Marketing agency OggaDoon, reflects on the Brexit result and what it means for creative businesses.

The outcome of the Brexit referendum has been a surprise to most, sending ripples across the UK including business sectors.  But whilst there are rumours, denials, proclamations, counter rumours and so on by all and sundry, it is important for business to carry on as usual and to communicate this to your audiences - staff and in house support, clients, suppliers, advocates, prospects and partners.   This brings in a level of immediate stability and sought-after leadership that is reassuring when many around your business (known and unknown) would seek to make others think differently. 

Some of you are actioning this, others of you, due to the nature of your business, may not feel the need to communicate externally in a formal manner.  Either way, it is good for your business to make sure that your clients and prospects hear directly from you (formally or in a casual manner, as part of a single focus Brexit piece or part of a wider news story) that business is continuing much as before to counteract any hearsay and occupy your rightful 'conversation' space with your messages.  

It is essential, however, to engage with and talk to your team and staff to quell any unease.  They are your best advocates for your business. Whatever you decide to do, caution is urged in opinionating about the outcome unless you are absolutely sure of your audiences’ voting persuasion and your views are aligned or that you seek to use opinion to continue thematic public affairs, policy developments or to pursue new business.

Once you feel that the Brexit issue has been dealt with in the immediacy, re-engage quickly with your target audiences on your terms and points of interest, aligned to your business objectives, to cut through the noise and tend to business.  A city trader once told me, too many years ago, that his working life was spent negotiating the axis’ of fear and confidence when dealing with the stock markets, so let’s invest in confidence with strong communications.

If you have any concerns about communicating or not on Brexit, get in touch so we can help. And as for OggaDoon? The team and I are hard at work as per norm because we love what we do so it is most definitely business as usual for us ;-)