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APG West - Feedback and next steps Breakfast Seminar

Published on Monday, 20th June 2016

APG West, the strategy and planning group affiliated to APG London and which recently launched in partnership with Bristol Media, gathered recently at Mud Dock in the centre of Bristol to share its plans for the rest of the year.

The team shared the feedback they’d collated from the breakout sessions held as part of the launch event back in April. The idea then was to get as much feedback from planners, strategists, brand owners/ clients and account handlers in the South West about how this new planning group should be shaped going forward. 

Key questions put to potential members in April included: what interests you about APG West, what are the key challenges you face today, what would you like APG West to achieve and how would you like to build the community? Answers to these questions were then grouped in to five core areas and feedback. These were: Training, Networking, Inspiration, Planning Value and South West Identity. 

Answers revealed a number of different priorities but the most popular were:

  • there is a real desire for core planning skills
  • individuals are keen to network and identify with a planning community in the region
  • today’s key issues are recognising the value of planning and building a true South West identity

In the future members would value better training for planners and strategically minded talent. They also want to see greater value attached to planning by clients and agencies alike, and to galvanise the sense that the South West is spearheading a new way of doing strategy that better reflects the special agency and client ecology of the region. 

APG West is now focusing on three key initiatives this year. Members and potential members from the client and agency community are invited to contribute to these next steps, and help create a viable and interesting APG West programme. These initiatives are:

  • a networking and inspiration event to showcase case studies of brilliant planning from the region. Applications are invited to be part of this showcase;
  • an event to focus on the foundations of planning that transcend specialism, and the chance to hear from local, regional experts;
  • a core skills training network, delivered via a series of training modules covering the key elements of planning. A senior representative of local agencies and organisations will run each session, and cumulatively the modules will provide a grounding for planners, account handlers and brand owners/ marketing clients. 

These are just the first steps. There is a huge opportunity to define the role of planning within a region that is different to anywhere else. The community has much to say and the plans are set to grow. We look forward to working with planners, strategists, brand owners, clients, account handlers and more as we go forward. In the meantime if you would like to get involved in any of this year’s plans then contact details are below. The full consolidated feedback and 2016 plan is available here.

Written by Jonnie Galvin-Wright, APG member, MD Stuff Advertising and Director Bristol Media. 

If you have a case study you’d like to submit for the planning showcase in July, please contact Anna Donaghey, Head of Planning, Bray Leino.

If you would like to be involved in the Training Network in the autumn, please contact Julie Atherton, MD, Small Wonder.