image for Sun & Moon go high octane for Just Cause 3

Sun & Moon go high octane for Just Cause 3

Published on Monday, 20th June 2016, contributed by Sun & Moon Studios

Sun & Moon Animation Studios were recently commissioned by games company Square Enix to create an action-packed teaser trailer for a new instalment in their game Just Cause 3.

The brief was to showcase the Mech Land Assault Vehicle in a high-impact promo, using Anime inspired 2D animation with extreme effects. The treatment from Sun & Moon’s Creative Producer/Director Dylan Shipley, involved showing the Mech piece by piece, building up to an action-packed final reveal.

The Sun & Moon team used a blend of CG and 2D animation to achieve the right look and feel. CG elements were rendered to appear as 2D by adding hand-drawn detail, such as scratches, highlights and visual effects. 2D elements, including explosions, electricity, dust etc. were traditionally animated and then cleaned up digitally. Background elements were matte painted and composited with the animation to a high power sound design track to give maximum impact. The trailer and full details on the approach used can be viewed on the website at

Dylan said “This was really a dream project for us, and Anime style happens to be a personal favourite of mine, so it was great to be able to use this for our inspiration – also working on such an exciting trailer for Square Enix gave us the opportunity to show off some of our traditional animation skills, alongside digitally based techniques.”

The trailer has just gone live online and across social media, including Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo.