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Published on Tuesday, 17th May 2016, contributed by Rewild.Life

“Art, like nature enriches lives. It has the power to inspire and inform people about the natural wonders of the world which, if neglected and abused will leave an irreparable gap in the ecosystems that support all forms of life as we know it.”

Founded in 2015, the idea behind Rewild.Life is to raise awareness for endangered wildlife and conservation through art and design. Come join us and see how this concept is transforming into beautiful works of art, intriguing design and engaging installations at our exhibition in The Edwardian Cloakroom on Park Row, Bristol (BS1 5LS). We will be showcasing art created, curated and commissioned by Rewild.Life, highlighting the beauty and plight of endangered species and the transformative potential of rewilding, from an eclectic range of local and national artists.

Private View: 18th May, 6-9pm

Open Daily: 19th-23rd May, 11am-7pm

See you there and become part of our Rewild.Life story!