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Growth School by Lola Media

Published on Tuesday, 17th May 2016

Turning companies' strengths into monetisable assets.

Growth School has been created by Lola, an innovation studio based in Clerkenwell, who break the rules around IP and business models to create new revenue streams from what companies already have. Unlike many other companies, Lola’s focus is not based in the acquisition of new business but harnessing clients’ strengths and uniqueness into monetisable assets to build resilience. 

Erica Wolfe-Murray says 'When I set up Lola, I was determined to help companies unearth, develop and exploit their intellectual assets so that they could maximise the opportunities within their businesses. Little did I realise four years on and over 130+ companies later, how much value could be added and many no longer depend on the ‘work for hire’ model, having created different (and far more exciting) revenue streams that has made their businesses more resilient.'

Growth School is a fast-track two-day intensive programme for companies in the creative, media and tech sector to discover, understand and exploit the true potential of the assets they own and how to create and hack more IP from them to ultimately drive profits. 

The UK creative industries have some of the hottest talent in the world. It is original, dynamic and breaks the mould which is why it is exported and drives value for global corporations. However, creative businesses tend to focus most their talents and time on clients’ projects and problems, delivering exceptional commercial, design and tech solutions that raise their client's share value rather than their own. 

This programme aims to challenge the thinking behind that, providing real time solutions on how to harness that creative drive for your own business whilst not detracting from the external output. It will supply a tool kit, which will aid the deep exploration of existing business models, find where current value sits and how to make the most of owned and potential IP to deliver new independent revenue streams. This kit will not only identify easy wins but look at the long term gains if you invest time (not necessarily money) into creating more internal growth.

'If you are asking 'why now’, my response is can you risk staying on the same model whilst others pivot and challenge their business practice and offer? Clients’ might not bring you the most exciting work, the kind of work that gets you up in the morning and makes you proud. Why wait for that work? If you create and deliver innovative work within your company and lead by example, others will follow.' 

Lola is running two Creative & Media Growth Schools this June; the first in Bristol on 8th-9th June and the other in London on 28th-29th June. To find out more information and apply, please go to Growth School  If you are curious about Lola Media and our clients, please click on this link.