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Bruce Short Film

Published on Wednesday, 4th May 2016, contributed by Aspect Film and Video

We're excited to announce that Aspect’s founders, Adam Etheridge and David Watson, are making a short film in partnership with the iShorts scheme backed by Creative England and the BFI.

We’re gearing up for production and looking for people to get involved, whether by pledging on our Crowdfunder page (in exchange for lots of fun Bruce-themed rewards!) or by getting in touch and joining our crew.

Set in China Town, Liverpool, ‘Bruce’ is a 15-minute comedy drama about middle-aged Martin. Divorced and out of shape, he fears he may be losing his 11-year-old son to his ex-wife.

He sets out to win him back by taking on the persona of his son’s hero, Bruce Lee – but soon discovers that being Bruce isn't easy, and telling the truth is even harder!

At the heart of it, ‘Bruce’ is a story about a father and son learning to value each other for who they really are.  We believe the key to portraying the right balance of emotion and humour is in finding the right actors. 

As such, any additional funds we raise will go towards sourcing the very best talent.

We would love to reach film festival audiences across the world so please join us in bringing Bruce to life! Spread the word at home, work or down your local dojo.  Find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter where you can find more information, along with some inspirational Bruce Lee quotes, pictures and more!

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