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24-hour hackathon for Comic Relief

Published on Tuesday, 3rd May 2016, contributed by The Real Adventure Unlimited

Bristol agencies take part in 24-hour hackathon for Comic Relief

Last week, two Bristol agencies that form part of the Creston Unlimited group took part in a 24-hour hackathon, with a cracking brief from charity client, Comic Relief. The Real Adventure Unlimited and EMO Unlimited assembled two mixed-agency teams to compete against a further seven agency teams in London. 

The Comic Relief #UnlimitedHack brief was to ‘Make something that places the red nose at the centre of the Comic Relief ecosystem, for Red Nose Day 2019’.

From 2 p.m. on Thursday, the two Bristol agency teams came up with unique solutions for how to execute an idea and experience to extend the digital life of the iconic physical red nose and connect the digital ecosystems of the wider Red Nose Day campaigns for the 2019 fundraising efforts.

As is obligatory with hacks, there was pizza, Post-It notes and, er, cranberry juice... to keep the two teams of seven going through the night before they had to present their ideas via video link to the judging panel in London. A crucial part of the hackathon scoring is down to how easily the idea scales, the presentation of the idea itself and the scope to raise more funds than ever.

The ideas cannot be revealed for commercial reasons, but the fascinating approaches used to arrive at the ideas, and the ways and means of presenting prototypes, wireframes, and even working mobile apps, made for compelling viewing in themselves. The event was fully documented in The Real Adventure Unlimited's live blog, which provided 24-hour content coverage of proceedings, with video confessions, photoessays and regular commentary.

Matt Hardy, Digital Director and Joint Managing Director of The Real Adventure Unlimited, explains in this short video how the two teams set about the task in hand:


The #UnlimitedHack was a great opportunity to tackle a compelling brief and to enable different departmental representatives to bring their skills to a combined agency opportunity. The hack is an exercise that will likely be repeated in the near future, especially as a London team won! Will you join us for the next time so that Bristol can take the hackathon crown?