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Top 5 Apps For iPhone Filmmaking

Published on Thursday, 14th April 2016, contributed by Ed Thomas

iPhones are great for shooting high quality video ready for the web, but if you just whip it out of your pocket and hit record, chances are it probably won’t look like the standard you’d expect. Luckily there are loads of apps to help with filmmaking and we’ve narrowed down our top 5:

1) FilMic Pro

Number one on our list has to be FilMic Pro. If you don’t already have it, buy it NOW. It’s $9.99 which is like £7, I just spent more on my lunch, buy this app. 

Unlike the camera app on your iPhone, this app allows you to set your focus and exposure separately, and then lock them in place. You also get full control over shutter speed, colour temperature, audio gain and bunch of other stuff that makes this App so awesome. 

2) Celtx Shots. 

It’s really important that you plan your shoot during pre-production. This is extra important when shooting on and iPad or iPhone because you have limited storage space and you don’t want to delete all those pictures you took of your breakfast, just to make room for unusable footage. 

Celtx Shots is FREE and allows you to create really easy multi-sequence storyboards. You don’t have to draw anything, all of the characters are made for you and you can even block where your camera and lights will be set up. All for £0. 

3) DigiSlate 

We strongly advise recording your audio on a separate device. This will make your videos sound instantly more professional and it is really easy to do. You can pick up a lavalier mic for about £10, run it straight into another iPhone and record the sound in your voice memos app. It’s that simple. 

But wait, how do I then sync audio to visual, with a clap? Well, you could clap but that would BORING!

Introducing…. DigiSlate

Essentially it’s just a clapper board for your phone. I love this app because it ’s free, it’s so simple to use and the clap is loud and clear. You can also add details to the slate, i.e scene numbers and what take etc, which comes in helpful when I’m editing. I think it’s a really fun app, but then I'm quite sad.

4) iMovie

Getting into the more serious apps now… The iMovie app is amazing. It’s so easy to use your nan could use it. 

The app is only £3.99 and has everything you will want for editing short videos. You can easily cut the footage on the timeline, add transitions, and even add titles. Another great thing about this app is that you can import footage straight from your camera roll, and music straight from your iTunes. It’s also far less intimidating than Premier Pro, which not only comes in at a rather pricey £22 per month, but also has a lot of features that most people will never need to use. 

The only slight issue with this app is that editing on and iPhone can be quite tricky because the screen is so small. So we advise filming on you iPhone and then transferring footage to the iPad via; Cloud or a Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter (£29.00). 

5)  VideoGrade

Once you’ve exported your video the next step would be grading. VideoGrade is great app, it’s only  £4.49, just open up your video in this app and then play around with the colouring to make it look as good as possible. The app has some pre-sets, but it’s essentially just like editing a photo in Instagram but for video. Then once you’re finished you can export again in full HD. 

And that’s it. So pull together £15.48, download some apps and go shoot some videos! 

…And don’t forget to check out this short video we made using these apps and an iPhone 6S: 

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