image for Growing Pains - What it's really like to grow an agency?

Growing Pains - What it's really like to grow an agency?

Published on Friday, 15th April 2016

An event for CEOs, directors & shareholders of agencies – Digital, Creative, Brand, Content, Marketing, PR, SEO, Design, Video, Search, Social Media, UX & Full Service Agencies

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If you're an agency owner looking to get the inside track on how to grow your agency, you're invited to join The Agency Collective, a group of ambitious agency owners.

Growing Pains - What it's really like to grow an agency?

This is your chance to hear from Ian Hambleton - someone who knows how to grow an agency, having founded Studio Output in Nottingham in 2002 and grown it from 3 to 50 staff, turning over £6m, with offices in Nottingham, London & Beijing.

During this talk, Ian will be sharing his story, an honest assessment of what it's really like to grow an agency, including the highs and lows along the way. Ian will also be sharing his tips for getting your agency ready for growth, including:

  • How to kick-start growth in your agency
  • The numbers to pay attention to as your business grows
  • Key people you'll need to hire on your journey
  • Mistakes to avoid along the way
  • The little things that will make a BIG difference to how fast you grow 
  • How to sustain growth over a long period of time

This isn't stuff from textbooks, it's from an agency owner that have been there, seen it and done it. As well as his own experiences, Ian will also be sharing insights from what he sees the UK's most successful agencies doing to grow quicker.

Timings for dinner

 - 6pm – Drinks & networking with other ambitious agency owners

 - 7pm – Dinner & presentations

 - 10.30pm – Conversations at the bar until late...