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Can I shoot professional footage on an iPhone?

Published on Tuesday, 22nd March 2016, contributed by Ed Thomas

Short answer: Yes. 

Long answer: Yes, if you follow the practical rules of filmmaking then no one would even know that the footage originally came from your smartphone. 

Here are just three quick filmmaking tips that will make your iPhone footage look more professional: 

1. Steady your phone. 

Unfortunately, no matter how steady you think your hands are, slight movements can be really distracting, so try and make your shots as steady as possible. You can either do this by (a) holding the iPhone with two hands, and bringing it as close to your body as possible. Or (b) Investing in a tripod or a steadicam. There are lots of affordable iPhone mounts that will easily attach on to any tripod or monopod.  

2. Don’t shoot vertically!

We live in a world of landscape video! Turn your phone on its side and shoot horizontally. This way the footage will play back nicely on all 16:9 devices, this includes phones, computers, TV, and Twitter feed. There’s nothing worse than watching a small video with black space either side of it. So don’t do it. 

3. Don’t zoom in. 

The lens on an iPhone doesn’t zoom optically, you’re just stretching pixels and enlarging the picture digitally. This will result in unfocused, poor quality footage. There’s a really simple solution here: Move closer.

If you thought you needed to invest in a bulky expensive camera to make great video think again! We shot this short video about Bristol all on an iPhone 6S, to prove that sometimes the best camera is the one that’s with you:

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