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True joins the IPA

Published on Monday, 14th March 2016, contributed by True Digital

Tim Jones reveals why we’ve decided to join the IPA. 
We’re very excited to have been appointed a fully-fledged member of the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising).
The IPA is the world’s most recognised marketing body, and has been in operation for over 100 years.
For True, it’s an important recognition of our achievements, stature and growth. We’re in good company with the likes of Dare, Havas, Isobar and McCann’s. They don’t just let anyone in.
But why is membership so important to us?
It gives us access to a significant additional level of insight and market intelligence – effectively giving us even more strategic capability. Never a bad thing, plus there’s the accreditation, Effectiveness Awards, case studies and CPD.
But as important as all of that is, it’s the IPA’s work in helping the industry to professionalise itself further and re-evaluate the relationship between agencies and clients - giving ourselves better platforms for truly fair and equitable relationships with our clients – that’s truly interesting. That’s something I see as hugely important for the future. In an increasingly commoditised marketing services space, relationships, strategic ambition, shared vision, and cultural fit between client and agency are going to become more important.
The IPA’s work with the Future Foundation on the Future of Marketing and Agencies 2025 poses some big questions about the shape - and potential role – brands, and therefore agencies, play. We’re really excited to see how some of the scenarios outlined in this research unfold in the coming years.
Informed by partners like the IPA, we’re undergoing much change and are working to ensure we can equip ourselves for a much less certain agency/client landscape. Daunting? Maybe. Exciting? Definitely.
Change is the only certainty. Watch this space.