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Dragon Fire Films launches

Published on Friday, 11th March 2016, contributed by Dragon Fire Films

Last week Dragon Fire Films Celebrated its launch. 

Dragon Fire Films is a Bristol based company with a focus on developing science communication videos for companies and organisations. We have four main aims with our videos:

  • Educational science communication
  • Bridge between industry and learning
  • Curriculum focused films
  • Putting the fantastic into science 

We work with industries and companies to produce films of variable duration and budget according to requirement. The principle target of the videos is school aged young people. Our library website is freely available to all schools and centres of education. The purpose of these videos is to engage, inspire and educate young people in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Thereby increasing engagement and participation in science which increases the skill level in the future work force. The company has experience presenting science in action, having just been shortlisted for the best film 2015 in the AAAI (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence) competition.

Tim Moxon, Producer and head of Dragon Fire Films

Tim studied zoology at university and spent the next 3 years travelling around the world studying animals in different countries. Australia, Indonesia and South Africa to name a few. After those three years were up he came back to the UK and did a Masters in science communication. He then made the move into media and video production working with a variety of organisations, founding Dragon Fire Films in 2016.

So Visit our website:,

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Or watch this short video to find out more.