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Learn Film Making with Ben Dowden

Published on Monday, 8th February 2016, contributed by Ben Dowden (BD Films)

'Film Making With Ben Dowden' is a 5 day residential course that will be taking place at the Airt School on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland. The course is open to 9 students and will be taught by Ben Dowden, a Bristol based film maker with 12 years experience as a freelancer, creating documentation and promotional work for artists, musicians, dancers, and theatres as well as creating a large body of personal work. Ben is also known by his initials BD, and his youtube channel has receieved over 110 million views and 150,000 subscribers. The course is aimed at people of any ability who are starting out or interested in making documentary and promotional films. 

The course will be taking place between from the 4th-8th April 2016

The course will cover:

  • Working as a one person crew
  • Choosing and using suitable and affordable kit
  • Setting up and lighting an interview
  • Working with natural and available light
  • Recording audio
  • Filming musicians

Course Fees are €650 for the course or €1000 including bed and board (recommended)

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