Speedmatching is coming to Bristol on Wednesday 17th February

Published on Friday, 29th January 2016

Join us at Gordito, Colston Hall (Trenchard Street) from 6pm-8pm

What’s Speedmatching?

Speedmatching is the live action part of Media Trust’s Media Matching scheme.  Media Matching brings together media and communications professionals (advisers) as volunteers with small charities looking for help with how they communicate their messages.  We have an online service where advisers can search for charities looking for help with specific media and communications requests and we also run Speedmatching events, based on speed dating, where you could meet many local charities face to face in one evening.

So what happens at a Speedmatching event?

We get 10 advisers and 10 charities together for the session – provide refreshments, nibbles and a friendly atmosphere, and bring along a stopwatch and a bell!  You get to spend five minutes chatting to each of the 10 charities, finding out what help they need, giving on the spot ideas and suggestions where possible and deciding whether you’d like to help them out more in the future.

And afterwards?

If you’re interested in the charity and they’re also interested in working with you, mark it on your match card and we’ll put you in touch after the event.  Then it’s up to you – just a phone call or an hour long meeting might be enough to get them started – or if you prefer you can volunteer your skills with them on a longer term basis.

Could I be an adviser?

If you have two or more years experience in your field and work in any media or communications background (including web, social media, PR, Marketing, Digital Media, Design, TV/Film Production, Radio, Branding, Copywriting, Broadcasting….) then YES!

What do I have to do?

For the Speedmatching event happening at Gordito, Colston Hall (Trenchard Street entrance) on 17th February, 6–8pm, email Rhiannon to book your place or find out more information.

It’s FREE, it’s FUN and it’s FLEXIBLE! 

Get involved – find your perfect match through Media Matching!