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Studio Six turns 20

Published on Wednesday, 16th December 2015, contributed by Six

The world has changed a lot in twenty years, and so have we. Well… in some ways. After two decades of helping clients build brands, realise goals and grow their businesses, we marked our 20th anniversary in the creative industry during 2015 (although it all really started two years earlier).

Founders Steve Sackett and John Argent started the business all those years ago(!) with the vision for an agency where people would feel inspired and happy to work, and one that attracted like-minded clients – an ethos that’s as important today. Somewhat against our instincts we have learnt how important it is to celebrate our successes and be proud of what our talented team have achieved… without taking anything for granted of course.

While our unique culture has essentially stayed the same, some things have changed. Our services and expertise have evolved with the times to help our clients meet new challenges in adapting to a rapidly changing, experience-led world where greater power sits with the consumer and technology sets the pace.

So, what really makes working with Studio Six different?

I undertook some client telephone research earlier this year to get to the heart of what our clients think about not just our services but what they see as our core strengths and how our own brand is perceived.

It was genuinely reassuring to hear how trusted we are as an agency and respected as individuals. A lot of that is down to how open we are and willing to work collaboratively towards common goals. It’s fantastic to know that our brand values really shine through every touchpoint and we were described as “Talented, hard working and pragmatic – nice people!”

Many of our senior client relationships appreciate our ability to challenge a brief and seek better ways of doing things; “not shy at throwing an idea forward”.

Our core strengths are seen as being in brand, strategy and as a strong digital partner; reassuringly this certainly reflects the model and expertise we have built over the years.

“Studio Six feels like an extension of our own team – just an incredibly creative one!”

Our Sixers

Back in September we grabbed a rare opportunity to take the whole team away for the day to celebrate our 20 year landmark and it was a real breath of fresh air – literally. A day out on the farm, our team got stuck in with a host of wholesome activities; foraging, making Christmas brandy and sausage making. It was the perfect way for us to celebrate everything we love: creating, eating and drinking! With a lot of laughter.

So what about the future?

Twenty years old and still feeling youthful and energetic (thanks in part to the Gen Y and Z’s challenging the status quo), thriving on discovering creative solutions and new ways of working. We will continue to work with the same passion and determination as the day we started! Just with less Spray mount to hand!

As new agency business models emerge blending front-end, marketing, design and communications capabilities with back-end technology and integration, we feel we are perfectly placed to accompany our clients into the unknown, staying relevant, effective and creative.

Perfectly placed

Bristol and Bath are seen to be leading the growth within the UK’s creative industry. There is an industry boom and Bristol’s growth is accelerating across all business areas.

The creative industry here provides over 16,000 jobs and we are passionate about growing from within, and nurturing new young talent. We can only do this by recognising and reacting to what is going on outside our immediate business. The way we work, the people we employ, the working environment we provide, the services we develop and the brand we create all go towards fulfilling this ambition.

To adapt and change is key to any business and this is one of our key mantras – a sentiment that hasn’t changed in 20 years…and won’t be changing any time soon. Change is the only constant – what fun.

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